‘N Gratitude Publishing Company is a small independent publishing house established in 2009. We offer a range of services to authors, specializing in quality titles of all genres for sale on the world market. We also provide a full line of services for your non-commercial publishing needs, including family and class reunion books, business brochures, and other specialty publications not meant for resale. If you have a specific project you would like to discuss, please contact us.

Our books allow readers to select from a variety of formats: from traditional trade hardback and paperbacks; to eBooks; and now our books can be purchased from revolutionary Espresso Book Machines, taking advantage of the latest innovations in publishing technology.  These stand-alone devices are available in selected areas of the U.S. and other world markets, and will immediately print books similar to purchasing a cup of coffee from a vending machine.

We are a company whose time has come. Our name and mission reflect our gratitude at being on Earth during this time of our  planet’s miraculous transition. As we move further into the Age of Aquarius, with turbulent energies of the past being slowly pushed out and grudgingly replaced by the newer more compassionate age of humanitarianism, our mission as a publishing company is to empower literary artists to share books that support this transition with the world. We hold a vision of producing an increasing number of titles in the future to assist in the inevitable rise in human consciousness, encouraging goodwill, spiritual enlightenment, peace, and love.