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Linda Pace Samuel

Greetings and thanks for visiting our website.

‘N Gratitude Publishing company was founded in 2009 quite unintentionally after I finished writing A Mother for Celeste, the first book in my Return of the African Diaspora series. As I began looking into the publishing industry to see how I might fit in, I found no options  suitable for an emerging Indy author such as myself. I definitely wasn’t interested in paying costly fees being charged by “vanity” presses at the time so I kept researching until I eventually came across a step-by-step guide that laid out the entire process of publishing a book from A to Z. Being the adventurous spirit that I am, I decided to go for it and ‘N Gratitude Publishing Company is the result.

My quest to learn what was needed for the business was aided by past experience in the IT industry, namely a 15+ year career as a software quality assurance and business analyst. I have also held positions during my career that helped me develop public relations skills, data quality, editing, writing, account management, and operational management skills, as well as other traits required for running a business. You can read more about that here. It wasn’t too much of a stretch to learn the software I use to publish books since I was routinely required to learn software functionality quickly to evaluate it within project deadlines. I also relied heavily on comprehensive online courses available at and earned enough to create basic marketing materials for my titles.

After I released my first book, I decided I would share what I had learned about the business and help other aspiring authors reach their goals. My company offers personalized services to authors who get the same level of attention and  high quality standards for their book projects that are applied to my own books. Although we still offer only minimal marketing services, the generous nature of our royalty payments and service fees, combined with the careful attention given to every book project, makes ‘N Gratitude Publishing Company a good bet for a focused author who has the ambition to develop a good plan or some other creative means to get the word out about your book, we might be the publishing company for you.

Please check-in with us again, from time to time, to find out about new titles as they are released. Also, visit our FAQ page for more information about our services and then contact us if you have any questions or when you are ready to discuss your book project.

With peace, blessings, and in much gratitude,

Linda P. Samuel, Publisher


Books by Linda Pace Samuel:  Return of the African Diaspora 2-Book Series

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