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“The Return of the African Diaspora”  Series:

“Transcends Race, Location”

Author Linda Pace Samuel takes readers on an important journey with her book A Mother For Celeste (Return of the African Diaspora)… The author allows us to see that there are really more things that unite us than divide us, and those are what we should really spend out time on… A fascinating book for people of all ages and races. Definitely a must read.


“Inspirational Read”

It was so nice to read Exodus Village. I think it was written just for me! It was a reslisation of the Marcus Garvey vision, something many of us think individually about but not creatively put out there for the masses.. I believe that if you put wishes and dreams out to the universe they manifest! … I liked the futuristic developments included, because we are smart, we are creative and we are genius. Well done! What a great read! Truly Sankofa inspired!

(Amazon Reader from the U.K.)

“Thought-provoking and Informative”

I loved it! It really was thought provoking and made me think of my true identity. I’m a retired teacher. If I was still in the classroom, it would be an excellent source of historical fiction that I would add to the list for students to read. The stories reveal what was, what is, and what could be. As the stories unfold, it exposes the nature of our deepest problems and roots of our worst sufferings. The book would make a great legacy to leave or give to your children/grandchildren to ensure their history is passed on to them in an easy and enjoyable read.

(Atlanta, GA Reader)

“I was drawn by the title (A Mother for Celeste)…”

I was not exactly sure what I was buying… but I was happily surprised to find it was a novel that was not only about African people, their history and culture, but also love and importantly, hope! As someone with a global African perspective I could not put it down!… I enjoyed the personal story of the main characters and heroine, Kristin and her family; her choices; and her journey to fulfil her destiny. The Tuskegee setting was poignant and historically fitting… I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel and at times dared to believe it could be so…. Thank you, Linda Pace Samuel, for articulating our dream into such a successful achievement!

(Amazon Reader from the U.K.)

“Liked It”

    “Return of the African Diaspora” presents life in contemporary North America and West Africa through the eyes of Kristin, the central character in the book. … I liked being able to follow Kristin’s return (to the Motherland) and “see” the feelings it engendered in her. The many glimpses we are given of Ghana and its people is a very nice touch as well.  The book is interesting to read which I understand was partially inspired by the authors’ own experiences.

(Andrew – GoodReads Reader)

“Old Friends Revisited”

I found this book (Exodus Village) to be like a visit with old friends as the saga continued. Ms. Samuel makes the characters come alive and her descriptions of Ghana make me homesick for the places she describes. THIS WAS A MOST ENJOYABLE READ!

(Betsy H. Botts – U.S.)

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “A Mother for Celeste”

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “A Mother for Celeste”. This writing illustrates a balanced view of contemporary issues facing the African American community and gives the reader an alternative solution to ponder. Through the protagonist, Kristen, historical facts are woven into the pages of this book with grace. The research that went into this book is evident.

Kristen’s journey of self-discovery prompted by a trip to Ghana affects her and all of the individuals in her life. She has a transformational vision and with the Creator’s intercession her personal sacrifice may just lead to the restoration of her people.

I would recommend this book to anyone anyone in history and culture. This book is would also be a good teaching tool.

I’m looking forward to reading book two Exodus Village: Return of the African Diaspora.

(Maggie – U.S. Reader)

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From African to African-American: Word Search Puzzles That Trace Our Transformation”

“A Must Read – Along with Completing the Word Search Puzzles”

Knowledge is power, which is exquisitely captured in the pages of this word search book (“From African to African-American: Word Searches That Trace Our Transformation”). The wealth of knowledge contained in this book wonderfully chronicles the transformation of our Black people from the shores of Mother Africa to America, where we are currently known as African-Americans.

From captivity to waiting in the ports of no return, the writer captures the despair and struggles as our people were transported on ships like any other ‘cargo’ to be sold to the highest bidder into slavery. Also documented is the strength of our people, the bravery, and ingenious minds that fought to survive, which accounts for our continued existence today. Everyone should read it and work the puzzles! I promise you’ll thank the author.

So much knowledge about our Black history compiled in a fun and innovative style. Should be sitting in the Smithsonian based on the amount of information and research reflected in presenting such accurate facts! This book should be in every school, church, and educational institution. Excellent work author Linda Pace Samuel!

(Theada – Book Signing Reader)

“Thank you for providing this great lesson

This word search puzzle book truly tests one’s knowledge of the transformation from African to African- American. Thank you for providing this great lesson.

(sylvester I. brown Amazon Reader)