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Linda Pace Samuel
Author   |   Publisher   |  Political Thinker

Growing up in Tuskegee Alabama was a unique experience, as the Civil Rights Movement went on around us for most of the time. Back then, we experienced life much the same as today's Black children do. We grew up free from fear and we were encouraged to excel in our small majority African American college town. Sandwiched between Auburn and Montgomery, Tuskegee has held a politically charged environment since Lewis Adams, newly released from slavery, brokered a deal with two Alabama Senators to help finance what is now Tuskegee University.


And politics has been in my blood since I was a child. Political Science wasn't much of a stretch for me for a major or a professional career. I started out with the U.S. House of Representatives' legislative information office and later had the honor of serving as Congressional Aide to Civil Rights icon and U.S. Representative John Lewis, in his Atlanta district. 

But it was a very memorable trip to Ghana, West Africa that inspired my writing career. I started 'N Gratitude Publishing Company after I started looking into options for having my first book published and didn't like what I saw. My trip to Africa made me aware of how little I had been taught about the history of African Americans, and so my writing has focused on shedding more light on that history. 


I have evolved from only using 'N Gratitude for my books to also helping other new authors make their publishing dreams come true.


If your project is ready to be published, check out our FAQ page and then contact me when you're ready to talk.

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About The Return of the African Diaspora Series

“Transcends Race, Location”

Author Linda Pace Samuel takes readers on an important journey with her book A Mother For Celeste (Return of the African Diaspora)… The author allows us to see that there are really more things that unite us than divide us, and those are what we should really spend out time on…


A fascinating book for people of all ages and races. Definitely a must read.

What Readers are Saying About

From African to African American: Word Searches That Trace Our Transformation

“A Must Read – Along with Completing the Word Search Puzzles”

Knowledge is power, which is exquisitely captured in the pages of this word search book (“From African to African-American: Word Searches That Trace Our Transformation”). The wealth of knowledge contained in this book wonderfully chronicles the transformation of our Black people from the shores of Mother Africa to America, where we are currently known as African-Americans.

From captivity to waiting in the ports of no return, the writer captures the despair and struggles as our people were transported on ships like any other ‘cargo’ to be sold to the highest bidder into slavery. Also documented is the strength of our people, the bravery, and ingenious minds that fought to survive, which accounts for our continued existence today. Everyone should read it and work the puzzles! I promise you’ll thank the author.

So much knowledge about our Black history compiled in a fun and innovative style. Should be sitting in the Smithsonian based on the amount of information and research reflected in presenting such accurate facts!


This book should be in every school, church, and educational institution. Excellent work author Linda Pace Samuel!

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