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Book I: Return of the African Diaspora

A Mother for Celeste

A Mother for Celeste

   After an impromptu visit to Ghana brought Kristin to ancient slave castles along the Gulf of Guinea, it left her wondering what might happen if the Diaspora in America found its way back to its African roots. The “underbelly” had long outgrown its purpose of providing manual labor and was now merely considered an economic drain on by many. They were also increasingly violent in their growing frustration about their circumstances, without understanding about how it came to be. Other African Americans were well educated on the other hand, and experienced enough to provide positive contributions to Mother African on every level.

   But was it possible for a square peg to fit inside a round hole? Kristin knew that reconciliation would be of staggering benefit to both sides of the ocean, but could it be done? Would lingering feelings for her ex-husband that motivated her African trip prove too much of a distraction or could Kristin do the impossible and lead the way home?

   This intriguing and entertaining work of fiction unearths many treasures of history as the evolution of the “African-American” is closely examined. The series introduces West African culture to many western readers and sheds new light on racism, color in the Black community and the lasting consequences of American slavery. 


   Possibilities abound as Kristin explores the power of love, understanding, and forgiveness in A Mother for Celeste – the first book in the 2-part series by author Linda Pace Samuel.



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