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Return of the African Diaspora


(Formats: Mobi, epub & PDF) 

Consider the possibilities if old wounds from the past could somehow be healed, and if Mother Africa opened her heart to her Diaspora in America; those still scarred from the trauma of a long-ago slavery.  The Adinkra symbol depicted on the cover of Book I of the "Return of the African Diaspora" series – “Boa Me Na Me Mmoa Wo” (translated Help me and Let Me Help You) – calls for an energy of cooperation and interdependence that would be vital to such an undertaking.

   This entertaining and realistic work of fiction is jam packed with documented history, seldom discussed or taught in schools, and  provides a different framework for viewing the very complicated history of the “African American.” In "Exodus Village," the second half of this compelling and remarkably true-to-life story, Kristin guides the underbelly into the realisation of Marcus Garvey’s back to Africa vision.  It is primarily set in Ghana and introduces bits of West African culture and history to her American cousins.

    The 30-year saga vividly demonstrates a promising future that could benefit both sides of the ocean, and shows that it could very well come to be. It is woven around a blended family whose lives are entangled in misplaced passions, painful secrets, and a mystical love that hangs in the balance. It is a story of forgiveness and of the miraculous benefit in healing relationships of any kind, but especially the relationship between the Diaspora in America and Mother Africa.

Book I:
Book II:

A Mother for Celeste

Exodus Village

eBooks are available in the following formats:  Mobi; epub & pdf

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