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Minister Yvonne Carr


   Author Yvonne Carr accepted her calling as a minister in 1997 and since then has continued do the Will of God. She received her Certificate of License on July 20, 1997 and her Certificate of Ordination on May 2, 2004.

   Minister Carr was formerly on staff at Tuskegee University, in the Office of Student Life and Development.

Peace, A Devotional

   This devotional helps in “Finding Peace in the Midst of Your Valley Experiences” and shows you “How to Maintain Your Peace.”It is a daily devotional of hope in time of despair.  


   I pray it will be a blessing to you, as you find the very presence of God.  For those of you, who have for so long desired the peace of God, be assured that these scriptures will bless your spirit, body and soul.


ISBN: 978-0-9833150-9-4 / $9.99 USD

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