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Book II: Return of the African Diaspora

Exodus Village

A Mother for Celeste

   The saga continues in Exodus Village as Kristin puts her ambitious plans for the Black American “underbelly” into action in Ghana. More remarkable African American insights are revealed and the Western reader also discovers glimmers of West African culture. Through Divine Intervention, her Exodus Foundation forms a partnership with traditional and non-traditional leaders to devise a resettlement plan and the underbelly’s massive re-education as part of their transformation program. 


   Inspired by the Adinkra symbol “Sesa Wo Suban (translated Transform Your Life and Character)” Kristin remains distracted from any thought of Winston, content for her personal life to take a back seat until the secret she had kept from him for decades is suddenly revealed. Her worst fears are realized when Celeste confronts her with the raw truth of her past, and a sudden confrontation with Winston threatens to derail everything.

Is it possible that a love born of the Creator can be torn apart?


   The Return of the African Diaspora series just might hold the answer.



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