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Jamie "Quietstorm" Stephens


   Author Jamie “Jai QuietStorm” Stephens is a 2011 graduate of the University of Miami, earning a double bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Psychology. A lyricist, athlete, free-lance artist and journalist, this South Floridian is founder and CEO of “Androgenius” (, an art and lifestyle brand company. Over the past five years, she has been a contributor to several independent regional online and print magazines, as well as an array of newspaper publications.

   She has devoted time from her active schedule as a youth counselor, while simultaneously pursuing her certification as a personal trainer. Jamie aspires to travel in the near future and give voice to the various cultures she experiences, as well as the humanitarian work she plans to accomplish.

   Dear Love is a first book for this Atlanta, Georgia native, who currently resides in Miami, Florida.

Dear Love |  A Memoir | Collective Poetry
 |Inspirational Literature

   Dear Love is a compilation of love poems, songs, letters and prose that educates and inspires as it chronicles the author’s experiences of coming out, and coming-of-age.

   Premiere author Jamie Stephens, known to many as “Jai QuietStorm,” digs deep to pour authenticity into her first book, Dear Love. The book is a modern, yet cultured tale that speaks poetic volumes about the inescapable realities of relationship conflicts common among people who lead alternative lifestyles. The reader is given a behind-the-scenes-glimpse of social issues and experiences often found in non-heterosexual relationships – questions of familial acceptance, personal rejection, bitterness, forgiveness, social stigma, and conflict of faith that for some, lead to fear and shame. Dear Love provides insights to those who are already exposed to such unorthodox lifestyles, and it brings enlightenment to those who may consider such expressions of love to be taboo, and especially to friends and loved ones who wish to gain a better understanding for the purpose of providing support.

   Dear Love is a generational guide, and an outlet for expression and understanding in all forms of relational love – regardless of preference, background or experience. It is a testament that allows us all to relate to life’s sometimes broken record of love, pain and everything in between.


ISBN: 978-0-9833150-3-2 / $24.95 USD

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